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Korea’s Ongoing Divide

On June 25, 1950, North and South Korea went to war with each other. This ended in stalemate three years and one month later with an armistice that continues to present. Since then, the two countries have pursued very different paths. We wonder: How big is South Korea’s economy compared to that of its northern rival?

A. Half as large
B. Two times larger
C. Four times larger
D. Over 40 times larger

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A Closer Look at Arms Exporting Nations

The United States is the top seller of arms and weaponry to other nations. But the gap between the United States and the second-ranking┬ánation is not as great as you might think. We wonder: Over the past five years, which nation was the world’s second-largest arms exporter?

A. China
B. Israel
C. Germany
D. Russia

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U.S. Defense Spending: Higher Still?

The United States spends more on defense than any other nation. With new challenges looming, there is a growing debate over whether it should be higher still. We wonder: How does U.S. defense spending at its highest level under President Obama compare to the peak under Ronald Reagan, when the United States was engaged in an arms race with the Soviet Union?

A. 20% lower
B. About the same
C. 10% higher
D. 30% higher

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Ranking the World’s Militaries

Most people might guess that China and India — the world’s two most-populous countries — also have two of the world’s largest militaries. Similarly, Cold War adversaries the United States and Russia also rank among the largest armed forces. We wonder: Which two countries round out the top six?

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Peacekeeping’s Busiest Decade

When the United Nations was founded in 1945, a central part of its mission was to send peacekeeping troops into troubled regions in order to discourage armed conflict. Starting with its first mission in 1948, UN Peacekeeping Forces have been deployed in 67 operations. We wonder: Which decade saw the most peacekeeping missions begin?

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Sizing Up NATO Defense Spending

At the recent NATO summit in Lisbon, the United States pushed its allies once again to cover more of the cost of maintaining global security. We wonder: How many of NATO's 28 member countries are currently spending 2% or more of their GDP on defense?

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