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Legacies of American Slavery: A Historical Perspective

Recent acts of police brutality in various U.S. states as well as the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday during the Civil Rights Movement have underscored what still needs to be achieved before true equality is reached for African-Americans. We wonder: Which of the following statements are true?

A. There are more African-American men in prison today than there were in slavery at its height.
B. North America was the world’s biggest importer of African slaves.
C. The African-American population is proportionally about the same today as it was just after slavery.
D. African Americans are still discriminated against on voting rights.

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Slavery in the 21st Century

The end of the U.S. Civil War, now exactly 150 years ago, meant freedom for four million slaves in the American South. Remarkably, slavery in its modern form — human trafficking, forced labor and forced marriages — continues to exist throughout the world. We wonder: Which country today has the largest number of unfree people?

A. Nigeria
B. Mexico
C. India
D. Russia

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