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South Africa in Crisis

The resignation of South African President Jacob Zuma in mid-February 2018 offers some relief in South Africa’s profound national crisis. However, the challenges that lie ahead for Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s new President, and his team are steep. We wonder: Which of the following are challenges crippling the country right now?

A. Unemployment
B. Crime and violence
C. Xenophobia
D. Corruption
E. Water supply problems
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Fiber-Optics: Spreading at Less Than Light-Speed

Fiber-optic high-speed internet transmits information as light pulses. It is a key tool for 21st century internet commerce and innovations like self-driving cars. We wonder: Which country is about to have the highest percentage of fiber-optic coverage among its broadband customers?

A. United States
B. Japan
C. Germany
D. South Africa
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Africa’s Most Populous Countries

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country by far. It has nearly double the population size of the second-largest country. Its 182 million people in 2015 make it the world’s seventh most populous nation. We wonder: After Nigeria, which is Africa’s next most populous country?

A. South Africa
B. The Democratic Republic of Congo
C. Kenya
D. Ethiopia
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Press Freedom in the G-20

Freedom in the 21st century relies upon an independent media that is diverse enough and unconsolidated enough to report a range of news and present various perspectives. It must be able to do so without interference, censorship or threats from business, government or non-state actors. We wonder: Which G-20 country performs worst when it comes to freedom of the press?

A. China
B. Turkey
C. India
D. South Africa
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