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Space Junk!

Garbage reduction efforts on earth first took shape in the 1970s, as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Earth Day celebrations and other efforts coalesced around the same time. However, there also is a vital need to keep outer space junk-free, and hazard-free, for human activities and satellites. We wonder: Which country is the source of the highest number of space debris items around Earth?

A. China
B. France
C. Soviet Union (and its successors)
D. United States

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Vladislav Gajic / Shutterstock.com

Nobel China

China has had an impressive rise economically in recent decades. Historically, it was the source of many globally important innovations. We wonder: How many Chinese citizens have been awarded a Nobel Prize in any field since the prizes were first given out in 1901?

A. Zero
B. Five
C. Seven
D. Twenty

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