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Image Credit: ChrisO / Wikimedia

Fast Trains Around the Globe

A growing number of countries – 16 now, with more on the way – rely on high-speed rail service. Around the world, there are now 41,222 km (25,614 mi) on which trains run at speeds of at least about 250 km (155 mi) per hour. We wonder: Which nation has the largest high-speed rail network?

A. France
B. Japan
C. Spain
D. China
E. United States
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Moving Wealth Offshore

Offshore tax avoidance or evasion is nearly the exclusive preserve of the global elite. Eighty percent of all offshore wealth belongs to the top 0.1% of earners worldwide, while 50% belongs to the even smaller group of the top 0.01%. We wonder: Which set of countries has more than half of its GDP in offshore tax havens?

A. Russia, China and India
B. United States and Mexico
C. Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK
D. United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia
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Jim.henderson / Wikimedia

Sky-High Rents!

Housing costs vary widely. Likewise, definitions of what constitutes an “excessive” rent level vary, but it is still a major problem for many people. We wonder: In which of the following major countries does the greatest share of low-income people have to spend excessively on rent?

A. Germany
B. Poland
C. Spain
D. United States / United Kingdom
E. France
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Homes of the Rich

The United States leads world in being the home country of billionaires. Among the global Top 10, eight are Americans – including the richest. Only the second and fourth spots are held by non-Americans. We wonder: Which nation is home to the second-richest person?

A. Mexico
B. France
C. China
D. Spain

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