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Tax Freedom Day

One way to compare taxation levels between countries is to measure how many days worth of annual salary is paid into to fulfill national, state and local tax obligations. We wonder: Which of the following countries has the highest number of days of working before the tax burden of an annual salary is paid off?

A. France
B. Germany
C. Sweden
D. United States
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Women in Politics

Over the last several decades, considerable progress has been made when it comes to women in politics. In some countries, women account for nearly half of parliament members. Most other nations lag far behind. We wonder: Which country has the largest share of women in its national parliament?

A. Sweden
B. United States
C. Cuba
D. Rwanda
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Seeking Sanctuary

2014 was a particularly big year for global refugees. Outright civil war in countries such as Syria and Libya has spurred hundreds of thousands of civilians to make risky journeys to safer countries. We wonder: Which industrialized country received the most asylum seekers in 2014?

A. United States
B. Turkey
C. Sweden
D. Germany

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