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Moving Wealth Offshore

Offshore tax avoidance or evasion is nearly the exclusive preserve of the global elite. Eighty percent of all offshore wealth belongs to the top 0.1% of earners worldwide, while 50% belongs to the even smaller group of the top 0.01%. We wonder: Which set of countries has more than half of its GDP in offshore tax havens?

A. Russia, China and India
B. United States and Mexico
C. Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK
D. United Arab Emirates, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia
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Union Power?

Since they first emerged in the 1830s, labor unions have played a key role in the Western world in securing better labor conditions, wages and benefits for their members. However, in recent decades, the power of unions has been in decline. We wonder: Which of the following countries has the lowest degree of unionization in its workforce?

A. United Kingdom
B. Japan
C. France
D. United States
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Sky-High Rents!

Housing costs vary widely. Likewise, definitions of what constitutes an “excessive” rent level vary, but it is still a major problem for many people. We wonder: In which of the following major countries does the greatest share of low-income people have to spend excessively on rent?

A. Germany
B. Poland
C. Spain
D. United States / United Kingdom
E. France
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The EU After Brexit

Much of the international discussion about the ramifications of Brexit has focused on how leaving the European Union will change Britain. However, there will also be significant changes for the EU. We wonder: What will the net effect for the EU after the United Kingdom officially departs?

A. Economically, the UK leaving is akin to losing the 20 smallest EU economies.
B. In population terms, it’s like losing more than the 15 smallest EU members combined.
C. The EU would lose one of its most market-oriented economies.
D. The EU will lose one of its biggest contributors to favorable demographics.
E. The second-largest host country of EU migrants will be gone.
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Moving Up the Ladder

In a society with high social mobility across generations, people can reasonably expect to advance beyond their parents’ or grandparents’ income cohort or socio-economic status. We wonder: Which of the following countries is estimated to have the highest social mobility from one generation to the next?

A. United States
B. Germany
C. Canada
E. Denmark
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A Fair Share of NATO

U.S. President Donald Trump has said NATO countries must “pay their fair share” – i.e. fulfill their 2014 pledge of 2% of GDP toward defense from each member by 2024. Otherwise, as U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis has told European leaders, America may “moderate its commitment to the alliance.” We wonder: How many of NATO’s 28 member countries are already within reach of the 2% target for defense?

A. One
B. Three
C. Six
D. Nineteen
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Too Many Foreigners In Our Midst?

The UK’s Brexit referendum was in large part driven by voters’ fears of having “too many” foreigners in their country. In addition, there were worries about the changing ethnic composition of the UK. We wonder: What is the total expected population share of both first-generation immigrants and their children in the UK by around 2060?

A. About one-tenth
B. One-quarter
C. Nearly one-third
D. More than half of the population

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King Tobacco

Tobacco continues to pose one of the world’s largest public health challenges, killing 6 million people each year. It is smoked, chewed and otherwise consumed all over the world. With governments and international health organizations stepping up their efforts to curb tobacco use, we wonder: Which country produces more tobacco than any other?

A. United States
B. Brazil
C. India
D. China
E. United Kingdom
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Away From Home

International migration flows are a topic of hot debate, especially in Europe and the United States, the major receiving countries. But what about the perspective of the emigration countries? Specifically, we wonder: In absolute numbers, which country has more of its native-born citizens living abroad than any other?

A. Syria
B. United Kingdom
C. India
D. Russia
E. Mexico
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Dominant Capital Cities

In quite a few leading countries, the capital cities dominate their nation’s economy. We wonder: Which of the following capitals accounts for the highest share of its country’s entire GDP?

A. Paris
B. Berlin
C. Rome
D. Athens
E. Washington D.C.
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